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  • projectswati

    Project Swati

    The Main trust of the project is to provide education to children in the age group of 3 to 18 Years. Through Remedial Classes, Coaching Classes, Balwadi, Vocational training, Library etc.

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  • VidyaandChild

    Vidya & Child

    Vidya & Child works in marginalized communities, exploring the unique potential in each child by providing opportunities for value integrated learning and development.

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  • bmxmas

    The Baale Mane Trust

    Baale Mane challenges gender discrimination for girls by providing them choices & ensuring their economic, social & psychological rights in a stable, open & joyous home, until they gain independence.

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  • edudaan


    Enhance the education experience of children at government schools through joint effort from companies, private schools and NGO partners.

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  • sugamngo


    Project purpose and mission: Our mission is to provide education to each and every child irrespective of color caste or creed. We want to uplift their standard of living only through education.

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  • OBLF

    One Billion Literates Foundation

    OBLF imparts basic English and Computer skills to the children of rural govt. primary schools, by training, and employing part-time, local women from those communities to impart the above skills, thus empowering them.

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  • Ekkoshishspecialsch

    EK- Koshish Special School

    EK- Koshish is extensively working for children and adults with cross-disabilities. The mission is to provide educational & employment opportunities.

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  • apd

    The Association of People with Disability

    It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. Be part of India largest philanthropic event.

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