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  • atmaswabhiman

    Atma Swabhiman

    education, health care, livelihood opportunities leading to lives of dignity and inclusion for people and families affected by leprosy.

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  • cuddlesfoundation

    Cuddles Foundation

    We nourish children in their fight against cancer. Because #FoodHeals

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  • RIFSschool

    Rise India Foundation

    Rise India Foundation is a team of enthusiastic individuals from diverse backgrounds working towards conscientizing the underprivileged citizen and empowering the deprived and marginalised communities.

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  • selenitesportsfoundation

    Selenite Sports Foundation

    To set the standard of excellence for sports by providing first class programs, professional coaching, and life skills to children from different backgrounds

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  • socialtouchandreform

    Social Touch And Reform

    Social Touch And Reform since January 2005 has been tirelessly surviving with a view to providing Social Services for the People’s Society at large.

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