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  • etasha


    ETASHA works with youth in low income communities and their ecosystem to empower with skills, confidence and mindset required for modern day work environments.

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  • barasat

    Barasat Unnayan Prostuti

    To provide food and hygiene for the most vulnerable Trafficking Survivors

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  • apdlingarajapuram

    The Association of People with Disability

    Supporting the families of community clients at this crucial situation

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  • RequirementsCovid


    Helping connect the people who want to support to those who need support through NGOs at this difficult Corona Virus pandemic period

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  • MathruIndia

    Mathru Educational Trust for the Blind

    Mathru is runs 4 projects in which 2 are residential schools for blind and hearing impaired and other 2 are day care center for multiple disable.

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  • aimforsevachennai

    AIM for Seva

    The world has slowed down and many of us have abandoned our normal routines in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, these unusual times may hold within them the seed of great giving.Support.

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  • STAR

    Social Touch And Reform

    Covid-19 Pandemic has broken down the Economy of the entire Globe, to fight with which, the positive movement of the NGOs of every road for their local community is preliminary a door-step solution.

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  • sukaaryam


    We serve individuals in the poor communities, by building healthier lives and empower them with skills and resources necessary to enhance employability.

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