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  • projectswati

    Project Swati

    The Main trust of the project is to provide education to children in the age group of 3 to 18 Years. Through Remedial Classes, Coaching Classes, Balwadi, Vocational training, Library etc.

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  • healthyagingindia

    Healthy Aging India

    Bridging the solitude gap between the elderly and young ones! HAI has set up it's first ever learning center to bring together people from all generations and 'Empower, Educate and Encourage' them.

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  • innoppl

    Innoppl Technologies Pvt Ltd

    "Innovative + People = Innoppl" We are a team of innovative people who love to sit with our clients and come up with creative, effective solutions to their customer-centric needs and enterprise-related queries. We specialize in web development and design, ...

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  • bmxmas

    The Baale Mane Trust

    Baale Mane challenges gender discrimination for girls by providing them choices & ensuring their economic, social & psychological rights in a stable, open & joyous home, until they gain independence.

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  • DEAN Foundation

    DEAN Foundation

    A Medical Foundation which treats and empowers patients with advanced incurable diseases and their families to alleviate suffering and make meaningful the human experience of living and dying

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