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  • sugamngo


    Project purpose and mission: Our mission is to provide education to each and every child irrespective of color caste or creed. We want to uplift their standard of living only through education.

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  • Ankura

    Ankura Foundation

    Inclusion is the Key Ankura is an Inclusive Preschool with Early Intervention for specially abled children with ASD, CP, GDD, Down's syndrome. We are an interdisciplinary team of OT, Spl Eds & SLP.

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  • eandhfoundation

    E and H Foundation

    E&H Foundation is working to enable quality education and preventive healthcare for underprivileged children in India. Our aim is to reach 1 lakh children in next 5 years.

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  • DEAN Foundation

    DEAN Foundation

    A Medical Foundation which treats and empowers patients with advanced incurable diseases and their families to alleviate suffering and make meaningful the human experience of living and dying

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  • csaBTSB

    Catalysts for Social Action

    To build a nation where children in need of care and protection are nurtured into a happy and contributing member of society

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  • baalemanegopalapura

    Baale Mane Gopalapura

    The Baale Mane is a home for disadvantaged and abandoned girl children, located just outside of Bangalore, India. We provide girl children with a happy, healthy and secure home environment, aiming to enable them to lead self-sustaining adult lives. We ...

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  • Healthy Aging India

    Healthy Aging India

    Encourage, Educate, Empower Present & Future Generations Realising unique replicable educational concept to nurture holistic development in School children with experiential learning of Senior Citizens

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  • rmdpainpalliative


    To Create Awareness to all section of Society to involve the medical and paramedical to increase the referrals for palliative care. To increase man power in the health care for this needy people.

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